Teso College is proud to join the 21st century with our e-learning center and is offering you more great opportunities for learning! It creates more connections, extends communications and interactions, and makes learning fun and convenient for both students and teachers. The mind is your limit–even non-computer whiz kids can use the internet to make learning faster and better. It is quick to grasp and easy to use. The TCA learning website extends the power and flexibility of the internet to everyone.

This is the culmination of many years of planning. The dream of the ICT department at Teso College is finally coming to life, and we are willing to provide the best online learning to students.




Welcome Teachers and Students

Teachers can now use the internet to create tests, watch videos, make announcements, and circulate lesson plans to students. With the simple press of a button, they now have the ability to include many types of visual aids for their classes. Students can take tests, ask questions and search for answers online as they deepen their understanding of their subjects. Communication between teacher and student, and student and student is easier than ever before.

Merit Award Ceremony

Every year, the best-performing students in national exams will be awarded prizes for excellence. We will be giving top-performing learners and teachers the recognition they deserve. Their hard work and study will be rewarded so that they will continue to aim for excellence. Their achievements will serve as a model and inspiration for others.