Biology is one of the key science subjects taught in Teso College Aloet at both O and A levels. It is a core subject for all life science courses or vocation, hence justifying government of Uganda’s policy of making it compulsory at O level of secondary education.
At the end of a four-year O level course, a learner is expected to have acquired basic primary health care skills for personal and community benefit if the learner drops out of formal schooling. He/she is able to maintain sound personal hygiene, identify signs of ill health that require medical attention, and appreciate the significance of adhering to medical instructions such as: antenatal and postnatal care, vaccinations, prevention of diseases, etc.

Learners who may opt to be out of secondary education after O level but interested in formal education can enroll for certificate courses not limited to; enrolled nursing with varying specializations, midwifery, laboratory technology, crop and animal husbandry, pharmacy, food processing, veterinary medicine, etc.

Learners who continue with biology into A level of secondary education are taught in combination with two other principal subjects. One of which, technically speaking, must be chemistry for two years and upon completion, depending on the quality of principal passes obtained. One can either enroll for diploma or degree courses in fields not limited to: human medicine, pharmacy, ethnopharmacy, veterinary medicine, nursing, dentistry, food science and technology, nutrition and dietics, forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, environmental science, public health, biology education, biostatistics, biophysics, biochemistry, botany, zoology, ethobotany, microbiology, biomedical laboratory technology, sports science, developmental biology, conservation biology, etc.

Specialist in life sciences are in high demand in job markets worldwide and can be employed in public sectors, non-governmental organizations, private sectors or self-employment; hence, it is worthwhile studying biology.

By Okello Jimmy (Department Head)

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