Economics is a business subject offered at A level with two papers coded as P220/1 and P220/2
Economics, as a subject, deals with issues that affect our day to day life. It deals with the nature of scarcity of resources and the need to make proper choices.
The subject has 15 topics which are very broad and this syllabus must be covered before the students sit for the UACE.

Economics, as a subject, is very rich in terms of opportunities; one can become self-employed, become a teacher of economics, and can even work in the banking sector or the Ministry of finance and planning among other professions. Economics also provides a student with the knowledge of writing project proposals that can benefits communities in one way or the other.

Therefore, students should be encouraged to offer economics at secondary and higher levels of education because it concerns real life and enables one to appreciate the fact that human beings have endless needs compared to the availability of resources, and so learn to economize the resources available.

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