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Games and sports in Teso College Aloet is one of the activities that enable students build the physical anatomy of their bodies as they grow into full men. It prromotes teamwork and discipline given that many a sport have strict rules and regulations. Sports also encourages patriotism, closer social harmony and pan world outlook. To some students, it is a form of entertainment and amusement. While others hope to become professional and make sports a source of employment.

In order to demonstrate our love for sports, the school hosted the 2016 Coca Cola Football Championship that attracted sixty secondary school teams (including Teso College) across the country were Kibuli Secondary School emerged as champions of 2016.

Our cricket team also won the Teso sub-region cricket tournament to qualify for the national Boy’s Cricket Week which shall take place in Lugogo indoor stadium from 3rd to 10th September, 2016.

The junior baseball team, comprising senior one and senior two students, has an upcoming team that shall represent the school in the baseball junior competition scheduled for January, 2017 in Mpigi District. The team is currently training hard in preparation for that upcoming baseball tournament.
We have also revived rugby and hope for the best as we continue improving on the games that had disappeared from the college for many years.

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